Curriculum Vitae

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Computer Skills


# Title Year Paper Code
9 Targeting HIV-related Medication Side Effects and Sentiment Using Twitter Data 2015 Pre-pub NA
8 Increasing the veracity of event detection on social media networks through user trust modeling 2014 Link NA
7 The Social Maintaince of Cooperation Through Hypocrisy 2014 Pre-pub NA
6 On the Ground Validation of Online Diagnosis with Twitter and Medical Records 2014 Link Link
5 Predicting population displacements on location-based call records using road data 2013 Link NA
4 City population dynamics and fractal transport networks 2014 Link NA
3 Validating Models for Disease Detection Using Twitter 2013 Link Link
2 Digital Epidemiology 2012 Link NA
1 Governing The Global Commons with Local Institutions 2012 Link Link